book_coverOffering the Widest Breadth of Fasteners in the Industry

The emery | waterhouse difference is:

  • One of the largest Bostitch dealers in the nation
  • A Master distributor of Hitachi tools and fasteners
  • One of the largest distributors of Fasten Master in the independent channel
  • A distributor of Domestic and Import fasteners

Emery | waterhouse also offers customized merchandising and assortment strategies proven to drive both your top and bottom line growth.


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Have a job that requires bulk building materials or special order items?

Need cement, insulation, roofing, sheathing or plywood?

We have a team of pro focused experts ready to fill all of your commodity and building material direct ship needs.

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Broadest Assortment in the Industry

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We can help you create the best shopping experience for your customers, giving them the right fastener for the job, every time. You become their trusted source for fasteners — and other products, too.


Our Featured Brands

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  • Bostitch

  • Duo-Fast

  • Fastap

  • GRK

  • Hillman Group

  • Hitachi

  • ITW

  • Kreg

  • Maze Nails

  • Fasten Master

  • PAM

  • Paslode

  • Senco

  • Simpson

  • Stallion

  • Starborn

  • Tiger Claw

  • Tree Island